Capital City Refuse offers Roll-Off Dumpsters for your Residential or Commercial jobs.

roll off truck

Miscellaneous Charges

The city of Lincoln landfill charges additional fees for tires, appliances, and yardwaste (grass, leaves and pine needles during yardwaste season) that are found inside the container. These additional fees will be passed on to the customer. In addition, overweight fines from an overloaded container that are assessed by the Nebraska State Patrol will be passed on to the customer. It is our business philosophy to comply with all city, state, and federal regulations.


Upon renting a container from Capital City Refuse, Inc., the customer acknowledges and accepts responsibility for any claim from loss or damages to any driving surfaces, property, underground utilities, or overhead obstructions, etc., regardless of the ownership, resulting from the contractors vehicles or equipment servicing the location.

Shingle Recycling

We are proud to now offer shingle recycling as a green alternative for disposal of your asphalt shingles.

  1. Save landfill space & reduce the burden on our community’s landfill.
  2. Promote your business as being “Green” & environmentally friendly.
  3. Save money by reducing tipping fees.
  4. Improve roads in our community.

12yd = 12′ L x 4′ T x 8′ W

twelve yard roll-off

15yd = 15′ L x 4.5′ T x 8′ W

fifteen yard roll-off

20yd = 18′ L x 5′ T x 8′ W

twenty yard roll-off

30yd = 21′ L x 5′ T x 8′ W

thirty yard roll-off

Step by Step Process for Shingle Recycling

shingle recycling